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remakes de juegos de spectrum


We are trying to list all existing remakes of Speccy games on modern platforms with the Sinclair Infoseek search engine. 
If you know of remakes that are not listed here, please fill us in

Original gameRemake titleAuthorYearPlatformStatus
180 (Mastertronic Added Dimension)Blitz DartzPeeJays Remakes2004PC/WindowsWIP - aiming, throwing and scoring engine
Abadia del Crimen, La (Opera Soft S.A.)Abadia del Crimen, LaAntonio Giner, Eduardo Ruiz2001PC/Windowsavailable
Abadia del Crimen, La (Opera Soft S.A.)Abadia del Crimen, LaManuel Pazos, Antonio Giner2010Javaavailable
Abu Simbel Profanation (Dinamic Software)Abu SimbelKopromaster2003PC/DOS, PC/Windows, Linuxavailable (link dead?)
Abu Simbel Profanation (Dinamic Software)Abu Simbel ProfanationM.A. Software2001Javaavailable
Abu Simbel Profanation (Dinamic Software)Abu Simbel ProfanationRetrospec (Ignacio Pérez Gil)2002PC/DOSin progress
Abu Simbel Profanation (Dinamic Software)Abu Simbel Profanation DeluxeM.A. Software2004Javaavailable
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (Your Sinclair)Advanced Lawnmower SimulatorAndrew Farmer2001PC/Windowsavailable
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (Your Sinclair)Advanced Lawnmower Simulatorantom2009Facebook Appsavailable

Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (Your Sinclair)Advanced Lawnmower SimulatorNathan Cross, Chris Hines2000PC/DOS, PC/Windowsavailable
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (Your Sinclair)Advanced Lawnmower SimulatorPhillip Lake?PC/DOSavailable
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (Your Sinclair)Advanced Lawnmower SimulatorRobert Smith2001PC/Windowsavailable
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (Your Sinclair)Advanced Lawnmower SimulatorUnsatisfactory Software1998-2001Many platformsavailable (link dead?)
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (Your Sinclair)Advanced Lawnmower Simulator - Flash Remakeantom2006Flashavailable
Adventures of Sid Spider, The (David Pegg)Escape the FactoryOZ Apps (Jayant C. Varma)2011iOScommercially released
Akbarr (ARDENT Software)Akbarr PCAndres Viedma Pelaez2000PC/Windowsavailable
Alien Kill (Mastertronic Ltd)Alien KillPeeJays Remakes2004PC/Windowsavailable
Amoto's Puf (SPE)Amoto's PufAndy Mason, Dock Tower2007PC/Windowsavailable
Anarchy (Rack-It)AnarchyThe Caffeine Kid2003PC/Windowsavailable
Ant Attack (Quicksilva Ltd)3D Ant AttackUrban Interactive Software2006PC/Windowsavailable
Ant Attack (Quicksilva Ltd)Ant Attack 2000Nathan Cross2000PC/DOSin progress
Ant Attack (Quicksilva Ltd)Ant Attack PCTyrone Cartwright2001PC/DOSin progress
Ant Attack (Quicksilva Ltd)WinAntDavid Morrissey2001PC/Windowsavailable
Aquarius (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)AquariusGordon King2004PC/Windowsavailable (link dead?)
Arcadia (Imagine Software Ltd)ArcadiaCabi-Soft (Paul Jenkinson)2002PC/Windowsavailable
Arcadia (Imagine Software Ltd)ArcadiaDan's Remakes2002PC/Windowsin progress (beta 2)
Arcadia (Imagine Software Ltd)Arcadia - The Particle ExperimentPeeJays Remakes2004PC/Windowsavailable
Arkanoid (Imagine Software Ltd)DarkernoidOuthouse Software2001PC/Windowsavailable (shareware) (link dead?)
Arkanoid (Imagine Software Ltd)Super NoidChristiaan Kras2002PC/Windowsin progress (link dead?)
Astro Blaster (Quicksilva Ltd)Astro Blaster MER.L. Pearmain2001PC/Windowsavailable
Atomix (Proxima Software)HydroCarbonJayant C Varma2010iOSavailable
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Auf Wiedersehen MontyDamien Green2001PC/Windowsin progress
Aventura Espacial, La (Aventuras AD S.A.)Aventura Espacial: En el Anillo Dorado, LaNightwolf2007PC/Windowsavailable
Babaliba (Dinamic Software)BabalibaCompiler Software2005PC/Windows, Linuxavailable
Back to Skool (Microsphere)PyskoolRichard Dymond2010Pygameavailable
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior (Palace Software)BarbarianTDB Soft (Thomas Bolhuis, Edwin Bos)2003PC/Windows, Linux, Mac OSXavailable
Batman (Ocean Software Ltd)BatManTomaz Kac2010PC/Windowsavailable
Batman (Ocean Software Ltd)GwatmanKakarot, The GGG, Russell Hoy2002GBAavailable
Batman (Ocean Software Ltd)WatmanKakarot, The GGG, Russell Hoy2001PC/DOSavailable
Batty (Hit-Pak)Batty JuniorDan's Remakes2007PC/Windows, Linux, MacOSin progress
Bionic Commando (Go!)Bionic Commando RearmedGRIN, Capcom2008PC/Windowscommercially released
Bionic Commando (Go!)Bionic Commando RearmedGRIN, Capcom2009Xbox 360commercially released
Birds and the Bees, The (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Birds and the BeesPeeJays Remakes2004PC/Windowsavilable
Birds and the Bees, The (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Birds and the Bees, TheRetrospec (John Dow)1991PC/Windowsavailable
Black Horse (Digital Brains)Dark HorseJayant C Varma2010iOSavailable
Blinkys Scary School (Zeppelin Games Ltd)Blinky's Scary SchoolPJ's Stuff2008PC/Windowsavailable
Block-Dizzy (Your Sinclair)Block-DizzyArno van der Hulst1998PC/DOSavailable
Bomb Jack (Elite Systems Ltd)Bomb JackEpyx/Flash Arts2005PC/Windowsavailable
Bomb Jack (Elite Systems Ltd)BugsDaniel Celemín?PC/Windowsavailable
Bomberman (Hudson Soft)BomberMartien2001PC/Windowsin progress (link dead?) (link dead?)
Bomberman (Hudson Soft)Bomber BrothersFutgiz2002PC/Windowsavailable (link dead?)
Bomberman (Hudson Soft)BombermanJT Software2001PC/Windowsin progress
Bomberman (Hudson Soft)Bomberman!!Tevong2001PC/Windowsin progress (link dead?)
Bomberman (Hudson Soft)B-SquadRob van Leeuwen2001PC/Windowsin progress (link dead?)
Bomberman (Hudson Soft)XionJT Software (Jelle de Jong)2001PC/Windowsin progress (link dead?)
Booty (Firebird Software Ltd)BootyCabi-Soft (Paul Jenkinson)2002PC/Windowsin progress
Booty (Firebird Software Ltd)BootyFatSeagal?Javaavailable
Boovie (KVL)BoovieFuture Games1998PC/DOSavailable
Boulder Dash (Front Runner)Boulder DashZX Games2006PC/Windowsavailable (German)
Boulder Dash (Front Runner)Boulder DashZX Games2006PC/Windowsavailable (English)
Boulder Dash (Front Runner)Boulder DashZX Games2006PC/Windowsavailable (Russian)
Boulder Dash (Front Runner)Boulder Dash 2000Petr Simon2000PC/DOSavailable (link dead?)
Boulder Dash (Front Runner)Boulder Dash 2004Kopromaster Veliky2004PC/DOS, PC/Windows, Linuxavailable (link dead?)
Boulder Dash (Front Runner)Diamonds MineRDST1995Amiga, PC in futureavailable
Boulder Dash (Front Runner)Rock RushIan Price?PC/DOSavailable (link dead?)
Boulder Dash (Front Runner)XmasRushIan Price2001PC/Windowsavailable (link dead?)
Bounty Bob Strikes Back (US Gold Ltd)Bounty Bob Rides AgainGeorg Rottensteiner2006PC/Windowsavailable
Brainstorm (Firebird Software Ltd)BrainstormGordon King2004PC/Windowsavailable (link dead?)
Brian Bloodaxe (The Edge)Brian BloodaxeMusti2003PC/Windowsin progress
Bruce Lee (US Gold Ltd)Bruce Lee: Return of the WizzardTrevor (Smila) Storey2008PC/Windowsavailable (link dead?)
Bruce Lee (US Gold Ltd)Super BruceToni Rocket2005PC/Windowsavailable
Bruce Lee (US Gold Ltd)Ultimate Bruce LeeTrevor (Smila) Storey, Stuart Collier, Infamous2008PC/Windowsavailable
Bugaboo the Flea (Quicksilva Ltd)Booga-BooSimon Czentnar2007PC/Windowsavailable
Bugaboo the Flea (Quicksilva Ltd)BugabooPaul Robson2001PC/DOSavailable
Bugaboo the Flea (Quicksilva Ltd)Punq, the FleaPaco Suárez?PC/Windowsavailable
Bugaboo the Flea (Quicksilva Ltd)QQ#2 "The Flea"Mandanga Games2010PC/Windows, Mac OS Xavailable
Camelot Warriors (Dinamic Software)Camelot WarriorsBUHOnero, Coelophysis2007PC/Windows, GP2Xin progress (beta is available)
Capitan Sevilla (Dinamic Software)Capitan Sevilla - El RemakeCEZ RD2009PC/Windows, Linux, Mac OS Xavailable
Cassette 50 (Cascade Games Ltd)Blitz50PeeJays Remakes2007PC/Windowsavailable
Cauldron (Palace Software)Cauldron RemakeMarkus Hohmann2007PC/Windowsavailable
Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back (Palace Software)Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes BacknGFX2002Flashavailable
Cavelon (Ocean Software Ltd)CavelonTrevor (Smila) Storey2003PC/Windowsavailable
Cavern Fighter (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Cavern Fighter - The 2004 RemakeSJM Remakes2004PC/Windowsavailable
Chaos (Games Workshop)AnarchyThomas Harte2001PC/DOS, PC/Windows, Linuxon hold
Chaos (Games Workshop)Ataxia: Chaos WarsDuncan Timiney2007PC/Windowsavailable
Chaos (Games Workshop)ChaosJames Conwell and friends1995Amigaavailable (link dead?)
Chaos (Games Workshop)ChaosJason Farmer2002PC/Windowsin progress (link dead?)
Chaos (Games Workshop)Chaos - The Battle of WizardsRichard Quirk2011Androidavailable
Chaos (Games Workshop)Chaos FunkRichard Phipps2003PC/Windowsavailable
Chaos (Games Workshop)Chaos RebornErik Benerdal?PC/Windowsavailable
Chaos (Games Workshop)Chaos TournamentVectorlight (Dan Birch)2010Silverlightavailable
Chaos (Games Workshop)ChaosDSBob Fossil (aka Adam Hodson)2006Nintendo DSin progress (link dead?)
Chaos (Games Workshop)Morkin IIAnthony Hamilton2001PC/DOSavailable
Chaos (Games Workshop)OpenChaosSteve Anderson, Gareth Jayne2002genericnot started yet (link dead?)
Chaos (Games Workshop)Realtime ChaosStephen Smith2004Javaavailable
Chaos (Games Workshop)Turmoil: The Battle of WizardsRetrospec (Dan Condon-Jones)1999PC/Windowsin progress
Chimera (Firebird Software Ltd)ChimeraShahid Ahmad2010Java, Mac OS X, PC/Windowsin progress
Chronos (Mastertronic Ltd)Chronos - A Tapestry of TimeKryten2006PC/Windowsavailable
Chronos (Mastertronic Ltd)Chronos PCE}I{ (Boris Chuprin)2002PC/DOSalpha - available
Chronos (Mastertronic Ltd)Chronos XScottigesoft2003PC/Windowsavailable (link dead?)
Chuckie Egg (A'n'F Software)Chuckie EggGamesforge.com2006Flashavailable
Chuckie Egg (A'n'F Software)Chuckie Egg 99John Blythe1999PC/Windowsavailable (v0.11a)
Chuckie Egg (A'n'F Software)Chuckie Egg for Windows 95Mike Elson2001PC/Windowsavailable (link dead?)
Chuckie Egg (A'n'F Software)Chuckie Egg: The Next BatchJohn Blythe2001PC/Windowsavailable (v1.2)
Chuckie Egg (A'n'F Software)Dos EggSteve McCrea, Mark Rendle1999PC/DOSavailable
Chuckie Egg 2 (A'n'F Software)Chuckie Egg 2FatSeagal?Javaavailable
Chuckie Egg 2 (A'n'F Software)Chuckie Egg 2 ReduxFatSeagal?Javaavailable
Cobra (Ocean Software Ltd)Cobra ForeverRetrofingers2009PC/Windowsavailable
Cobra's Arc (Dinamic Software)Cobra's ArcNERLASKA Studio2007PC/Windowsavailable
Colin the Cleaner (Tynesoft)Colin the CleanerFatSeagal2010Javaavailable
Coliseum (Topo Soft)ColosseumOscarBraindeaD2007PC/Windowsavailable
Cosmos (Abbex Electronics Ltd)CosmosMatija Kostevc2007PC/Windowsavailable
Cruising on Broadway (Solarsoft)COBEX - Cruising on Broadway ExtraTCKSOFT2009PC/Windowsavailable
Cybernoid (Hewson Consultants Ltd)CybernoidSunteam Software Division2001MS/DOSavailable (link dead?)
Cybernoid (Hewson Consultants Ltd)XybernoidRetrospec (Tero Turtiainen)1999MS/DOS, Linuxalpha stage - on hold
Cybernoid II: The Revenge (Hewson Consultants Ltd)Cybernoid 2Retrospec (Graham Goring)2002PC/Windowsavailable
Cyclone (Vortex Software)CycloneStephen Brown2003PC/Windowsavailable
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (Virgin Games Ltd)Can CareAndrew Zariffis2003PC/Windowsavailable
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (Virgin Games Ltd)Dan Dare: Pilot of the FutureStuart Collier, Trevor (Smila) Storey, Infamous2008PC/Windows, Mac OS Xavailable
Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (Creative Sparks)Danger Mouse in the Black Forest ChateauPeeJay2008PC/Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, GP2Xavailable
Deathchase (Micromega)3D DeathchaseScott Lewis2004Javaavailable (v1.0)
Deathchase (Micromega)DeathchaseGamesforge2006Flashavailable (on-line)
Deathchase (Micromega)Deathchase 2002Andrew Layden2002PC/Windowsavailable
Deathchase (Micromega)Deathchase 3DThomas Harte?PC/Windowsin progress
Deathchase (Micromega)Deathchase: UFONerad Jalsovec2007PC/Windowsavailable
Deflektor (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Deflektor PCRetrospec (Ignacio Pérez Gil)2001PC/Windowsavailable
Deflektor (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)MirrorMagic IIArtsoft Entertainment (Holger Schemel)2003PC/DOS, PC/Windows, Linuxavailable
Dictator (DK'Tronics Ltd)DictatorTomás Hamarèák2000PC/DOSavailable
Dirty Bristow - The Game (Dirty Bristow)Dirty Bristow - The GameDirty Bristow2011Javaavailable
Dizzy, Prince of the YolkFolk (Code Masters Ltd)Dizzy: Prince of the YolkFolkCodemasters Ltd2011iOS, Androidcommercially released
Donkey Kong (Ocean Software Ltd)Donkey KongMick Farrow2010PC/Windowsavailable
Doomdark's Revenge (Beyond Software)Doomdark's Revenge PCChris Wild1999PC/DOSavailable
Doomdark's Revenge (Beyond Software)LOMJARKeith Jones2004-2009Javaavailable (v2.0)
Doomdark's Revenge (Beyond Software)Midnight/MUJean-Yves Rouffiac2005HTMLavailable (implemented as a "scenario")
Dracula (CRL Group PLC)DraculaDEF, El Clérigo Urbatain2004Glulxavailable
Driller (Incentive Software Ltd)Drillerovine by design, Trevor "Smila" Storey2007PC/Windowsavailable
Earth Shaker (Your Sinclair)Earth ShakerBattenberg Software, Michael Batty2010XBox 360commercially released
Earth Shaker (Your Sinclair)Earth ShakerDavid Pegg2002PC/DOSavailable
Earth Shaker (Your Sinclair)Rocks & Diamonds Level SetsJamie Cullen2004manyseveral sets available, for Artsoft's engine.
Earth Shaker (Your Sinclair)Rocks'n'DiamondsArtsoft Entertainment2004manyavailable
Earth Shaker (Your Sinclair)World ShakerChurch of the Latter Day Speccy (Michael Batty)2008PC/Windowsbeta (v1.95) available
Elite (Firebird Software Ltd)Elite - The New KindChristian Pinder?PC/Windowsavailable
Elite (Firebird Software Ltd)OoliteGiles Williams2004PC/Windows, Linux, Mac OS Xavailable
Elite (Firebird Software Ltd)Space Game, 3DRichard Quirk2011Androidavailable
Equinox (Mikro-Gen Ltd)EquinoxRetrospec (Ignacio Pérez Gil)2002PC/Windowsnot started yet
Equinox (Mikro-Gen Ltd)EquinoxSpace-Time Productions Ltd (Steve Watson)2005PC/Windowsavailable
Everyone's a Wally (Mikro-Gen Ltd)Not Everyone's a WallyChris Holden2004Flash 6/MXavailable
Everyone's a Wally (Mikro-Gen Ltd)Wild West WallyNigel Critten2004PC/Windowsin progress
Exolon (Hewson Consultants Ltd)Exolon - The Continuing AdventuresSpace-Time Productions Ltd (Steve Watson)2002PC/DOSavailable
Exolon (Hewson Consultants Ltd)Exolon DXRetrospec (Graham Goring)2005PC/Windowsavailable
Factory Breakout (Poppy Soft)Factory BreakoutGordon King2004PC/Windowsavailable
Fairlight (The Edge)FairlightRetrospec (Richard Jordan)2002PC/Windowson hold
Fall Guy (Elite Systems Ltd)Fall Guy, TheGordon King2001PC/Windowsavailable
Fernando Martin Basket Master (Dinamic Software)Fernando Martín Basket Master XxIAnils Software2001PC/DOSin progress
Feud (Bulldog Software [1])FeudCrystal Fusion (Shezzor)2002PC/Windowson hold
Feud (Bulldog Software [1])Mini FeudFatSeagal2009Javaavailabl
Finders Keepers (Mastertronic Ltd)Finders KeepersScottigesoft/Auld-Games2007PC/Windowsavailable
Football Manager (Addictive Games Ltd)Football ManagerPaul Robson2001PC/DOSavailable
Football Manager (Addictive Games Ltd)Football ManagerSandwell Software (Kieran Sandwell)2003PC/Windowsavailable
Fred (Investronica S.A.)FredSaraSoft2003PC/Windowsavailable
Fred (Investronica S.A.)Fred PCPeeJay2002PC/Windowsavailable
Fred (Investronica S.A.)Fred RemakeFozman2002PC/Windowsin progress
Freddy Hardest (Dinamic Software)Freddy Hardest XxIAnils Software2001PC/DOSin progress
Frost Byte (Mikro-Gen Ltd)Frost Byte RemakeZikitrake2004PC/Windowsbeta 5
Glug Glug (CRL Group PLC)Glug GlugGordon King2003PC/Windowsavailable
Glug Glug (CRL Group PLC)Glug Glugosky2011Flashavailable
Go Bear Go! (Sinclair User)Go Bear Go!CEZ RD2008PC/Windows, GP2Xavailable
Goody (Opera Soft S.A.)Goody 1.5Coptron Games2006Linuxavailable
Goody (Opera Soft S.A.)Goody The RemakeCoptron Games2005PC/Windowsavailable
Goonies, The (US Gold Ltd)The GooniesLuis Barrachina, David Vassart, Steve Fenton, Mihaly Horvath2010PC/Windowsavailable
Goonies, The (US Gold Ltd)The Goonies 20th anniversaryBrain Games2006PC/Windows, Linux, Mac OS Xavailable
Great Britain Ltd (Hessel Software)Great Britain LimitedHoskas2006PC/Windowsavailable
Greedy Dwarf, The (Goldstar)Greedy Dwarf, TheSimon Ainsworth2003Javaavailable
Green Beret (Imagine Software Ltd)Green BeretTDB Soft (Thomas Bolhuis, Martin Galway)2001PC/DOSavailable
Ground Attack (Silversoft Ltd)Ground Attack EnhancedPeeJay2003PC/Windowsavailable
Halls of the Things (Crystal Computing)Halls of the ThingsRetrospec (Matt Smith)2001PC/Windowsavailable
Halls of the Things (Crystal Computing)Halls of the Things 2008/2011 RemakeAndy Stewart2011PC/Windowsavailable
Halls of the Things (Crystal Computing)Halls SquaredEmpirical Studios2011PC/Windowsavailable
Harrier Attack! (Durell Software Ltd)Harrier AttackPavel Dovgaluk2002PC/Windowsavailable
Harry Goes Home (Pulsonic)Harry Goes HomeStephen Smith1998Javaavailable
Head over Heels (Ocean Software Ltd)Head over HeelsKakarot?PC/DOSavailable (link dead?)
Head over Heels (Ocean Software Ltd)Head over Heels 2Helmántika2002PC/Windows, Linuxin progress
Head over Heels (Ocean Software Ltd)Head over Heels CloneGlobal_l (Hugo Gil)2007PC/Windowsavailable
Head over Heels (Ocean Software Ltd)Head over Heels PCRetrospec (Tomaz Kac, Graham Goring)2003PC/Windowsavailable
Headbangers Heaven (Llamasoft)Head Bangin'Fore-go Gaming2001?available
Headbangers Heaven (Llamasoft)Headbangers HeavenRetrospec (John Dow, Andy Noble)2001PC/DOSavailable
Heavy on the Magick (Gargoyle Games)Heavy on the Magick Mini-GameMike Hall2011PC/Windowsdemo available
High Noon (Work Force)High Noon v3.0Team SpecNG2011PC/Windowsavailable
Highway Encounter (Vortex Software)Highway EncounterUrban Interactive Software2006PC/Windowsavailable
Highway Encounter (Vortex Software)Highway Encounter - The RemakeBankie2006PC/Windowsavailable
Highway Encounter (Vortex Software)VortonHighway Devs (Chui, Race8086, Yota, Mortimor, Nacho, Etece, Xenon, DJ Syto)2004PC/Windows, Linux, Dreamcastin progress
Horace & the Spiders (Sinclair Research Ltd)Horace and the SpidersChris Roper2005PC/Windowsavailable
Horace Goes Skiing (Sinclair Research Ltd)Horace Goes SkiingJD Games2004PC/Windowsin progress
Horace Goes Skiing (Sinclair Research Ltd)Horacio EsquiadorPanik Software2005PC/Windowsavailable
How Long Have You Got? (Eastmead Computer Systems)How Long Have You Got?Vernon Coleman2000HTMLavailable
Humphrey (Zigurat Software)HumphreyIgnacio Pérez Gil, Benito Manuel Nemesio Cubells, Adam Dawes2005PC/Windowsavailable
Hunchback (Ocean Software Ltd)HunchbackMick Farrow2007PC/Windowsavailable
Hunchback (Ocean Software Ltd)HunchbackPJ's stuff2008PC/Windowsavailable
Hunchback (Ocean Software Ltd)HunchbackScottigesoft2004PC/Windowsavailable
Hunchback (Ocean Software Ltd)Hunchback 2005Takis Sarris2005PC/Windowsavailable
Hungry Horace (Sinclair Research Ltd)Hungry Horace PCRebelstar2001PC/DOSavailable
Hypsys (Dro Soft)HypsysBabul Games2005PC/Windowsin progress
IBall II (Firebird Software Ltd)I, Ball 2Retrospec (Dan Condon-Jones)2002?in progress
IK+ (System 3 Software Ltd)HiddenDragonPaul Hamilton2001PC/Windowsin progress
Impossaball (Hewson Consultants Ltd)ImpossaballAndrew Pointon/The Caffeine Kid2003PC/Windowsavailable
Impossible Mission (US Gold Ltd)Implausible MissionJulian Olds2006PC/Windowsavailable
Invincible Island (Richard Shepherd Software Ltd)Invincible Island RemakeAndy Mason, Dock Tower2005, 2007PC/Windowsavailable
Island of Secrets (Usborne Publishing Ltd)Island of SecretsFatSeagal?Javaavailable
Jason's Gem (Mastertronic Ltd)Jason's GemGordon King2001PC/Windowsavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Java JSWMatthew Wilson1998Javaavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set BillyNiilo Paasivirta?Amigaavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Billy - William JetsetRob Moseley?Amigaavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set WillyCarles P.V.2006PC/Windowsavailable (source code)
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set WillyM. Edwards??Archimedesavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set WillyMatthew Gordon2009Javaavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set WillyPaul Taylor?Gameboyavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Willy 3Smila?PC/Windowsavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Willy: Onlineovine by design2007PC/Windowsavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Willy PCRetrospec (Andy Noble)2000PC/Windowsavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Willy'97Cellblock 4 (Sam Becket)1997Amigaavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)JetSet Miner Willy-PCCraig Rothwell1998PC/DOSavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)LostDan Richardson2001PC/Windowsin progress
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Top Hat WillyOverflow (Scotty)?Amigaavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Very Willy Christmas 2, AScottigesoft2002PC/DOSavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Very Willy Christmas, AScottigesoft2001PC/DOSavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Willy Mountain PartyDenny Menato2009Flashavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Willys Miner NightmareSpace-Time Productions Ltd (Steve Watson)2001PC/DOSavailable
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Willy's UniverseDavid Brooks2002PC/Windowson hold
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)Willy's Weirdy NightmareRichard Williams, Steven Tate?Amigaavailable
Jet Set Willy II (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Willy 2Darren Salt1996Archimedesavailable
Jet Set Willy II (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Willy 2 - The Final Frontier?2001PC/DOSavailable
Jet Set Willy II (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Willy 2 - The Final Frontier PCDan Richardson2001PC/DOSavailable
Jet Set Willy II (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Willy 2 1/2Scottigesoft2003PC/Windowsin progress
Jet Set Willy II (Software Projects Ltd)Jet Set Willy: Onlineovine by design2007PC/Windowsavailable
Jetpac (Ultimate Play The Game)Jetpac RefuelledMicrosoft Games Studios2007Xbox 360commercially released
Joe Blade III (Players Premier)Joe Blade 3 RemakeRG Software2004PC/Windowsavailable
Jumbly (DK'Tronics Ltd)Jumbly PCPeeJay2003PC/Windowsavailable
Jumping Jack (Imagine Software Ltd)Jumping JackBadger-Soft (Mark Durban)2002PC/Windowsavailable
Jumping Jack (Imagine Software Ltd)Jumping JackRetrospec (Neil Walker)2002PC/DOS, PC/Windows, Linuxavailable
Jumping Jack (Imagine Software Ltd)Jumping Jack 3Dzalo2010PC/Windows, Wiiavailable
Jumping Jack (Imagine Software Ltd)Jumping Jack's Back!Craig Rothwell1999PC/DOSavailable
Jumping Jack (Imagine Software Ltd)JumpinJ Oldschoolnucleart.net2009Flashavailable
Kane (Mastertronic Ltd)KaneClassics Revisited2004PC/Windowsavailable
Knot in 3D (New Generation Software)CounterclockwiseNenad Jalsovec, Bruno Babic2006PC/Windowsavailable
Kokotoni Wilf (Elite Systems Ltd)Kokotoni Wilf5 Star Shareware2002PC/Windowsshareware
Kokotoni Wilf (Elite Systems Ltd)WilfMaros Janata, Roman Janata2003PC/Windowsavailable
Krakout (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)KrakoutW.E. Group??available
Kung-Fu (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Kung FuRetrospec (Neil Walker)2001?in progress
Laser Squad (Blade Software Ltd)Laser SquadWilliam Fraser2005Javaavailable
Laser Squad (Blade Software Ltd)Lazer Squad 3DStephen Smith2004Javaavailable
Lazy Jones (Terminal Software)Lazy Jones PCGordon King2001PC/Windowsavailable
Lazy Jones (Terminal Software)Lazy Jones PocketKesieV2001PC/Windowsavailable
Letris (Proxima Software)LetrisJuraj Michalek2007PC/DOSavailable
Light Cycle (PSS)Light Cycles PCKev Ellis?PC/Windowsavailable
Loco-Motion (Mastertronic Ltd)LocomotionKryten2008PC/Windowsavailable
Lode Runner (Software Projects Ltd)Apple Lode Runner - The RemakeSpoonbill Software2009PC/Windowsavailable
Lode Runner (Software Projects Ltd)Lode RunnerZX Games2006PC/Windowsavailable (German)
Lode Runner (Software Projects Ltd)Lode RunnerZX Games2006PC/Windowsavailable (English)
Lode Runner (Software Projects Ltd)Lode RunnerZX Games2006PC/Windowsavailable (Russian)
Lode Runner (Software Projects Ltd)Lode Runner 2GT Interactive1998PC/Windowsshareware
Lords of Chaos (Blade Software Ltd)CreatorsJanne Heiskanen2002PC/DOSavailable
Lords of Midnight, The (Beyond Software)LOMJARKeith Jones2004-2009Javaavailable (v2.0)
Lords of Midnight, The (Beyond Software)Lords of Midnight PCChris Wild1999PC/DOSavailable
Lords of Midnight, The (Beyond Software)Midnight FlyerImtiaz Dharssi2003PC/Windowsavailable
Lords of Midnight, The (Beyond Software)Midnight/MUJean-Yves Rouffiac2004HTMLavailable
Lords of Midnight, The (Beyond Software)War of the Solstice, TheRichard Quirk2011Androidavailable
Luna Crabs (Micromega)Lunar Crabs, 3DCabi-Soft (Paul Jenkinson)2001PC/Windowsavailable
Lunaris (Jonathan Cauldwell)LunarisRetro-Soft2005Palm OScommercially released
Mad Mix Game (Topo Soft)Mad Mix Game RemakeZikitrake2004PC/Windowsavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Chaos CavernsDan's Remakes2006PC/Windows, Linuxin progress (download available)
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Eugene - Lord of the BathroomManic Miner Technologies (Vidar Eriksen)2000PC/DOSavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Fast ManicMusti, Gigatron2007PC/Windowsavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Flash Manic MinerMatthew Gordon2008Flashavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerAles Martinik?ZX81available
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerAndy Noble?Playstationavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerAndy Noble, ??Nintendo 64available
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerCarles P.V.2006PC/Windowsavailable (source code)
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerJason Brooks2002PC/Windowsin progress
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerKopromaster1999PC/DOSavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerM. Edwards?Archimedesavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerPaul Taylor?Gameboyavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerRoman Rugalenko, Andrei Shlykov1998PC/DOSavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic MinerScott Lewis2003Javaavailable (v1.0)
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic Miner - Silver Anniversary EditionPeeJay2008PC/Windows, Linuxavailable - contains the maps of the original Manic Miner, as well as Manic Miner 3: Tales from a Parallel UniverseManic Miner 5: Los Peligros del LSD and Manic Miner: reniM cinaM.
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic Miner 2000Space-Time Productions Ltd (Steve Watson)2002PC/Windowsavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic Miner for Windows 95Barak Ori1999PC/Windowsavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic Miner in JavaStefan Bates, Paul Bates2002Javaavailable (link dead?)
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic Miner in the Lost LevelsHeadsoft2009Nintendo DSavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic Miner PCRetrospec (Andy Noble)2000PC/Windowsavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic Miner PCRetrospec (Andy Noble), Darren Salt?Archimedesavailable
Manic Miner (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Manic Miner ZX/C64Kopromaster2003PC/DOS, PC/Windows, Linuxavailable
MazezaM (Malcolm Tyrrell)MazezaMGlass Fractal Software2011PC/DOS, PC/Windows, TI-83/84+ calculators, BBC Micro, Acorn Electronavailable
Maziacs (DK'Tronics Ltd)MaziacsJordi Pérez1999OnHandPC, Ruputeravailable
Maziacs (DK'Tronics Ltd)Maziacs PCPeeJay2002PC/Windowsavailable
Maziacs (DK'Tronics Ltd)Maziacs the BoardgameJorge Arroyo2010physical boardavailable
Maziacs (DK'Tronics Ltd)MaziakRichel Bilderbeek2007PC/Windowsavailable
Maziacs (DK'Tronics Ltd)MazugsJordi Pérez2009iOSavailable
Maziacs (DK'Tronics Ltd)SDL PCMaziacsS. Romero (Linux), José Luís Perez (Windows), F. Alvarez (Windows) and others2003PC/Windows, Linuxmostly done, playable
Megaphoenix (Dinamic Software)Megafenix ReloadedCoptron Game Studios2007PC/Windowsavailable
Mercenary (Novagen Software Ltd)MDDCloneSimon Guyart2002PC/Windowsavailable
Molecule Man (Mastertronic Ltd)Molecule ManRobin Thompson2003Linux, PC/Windowsin progress
Moley Christmas (Your Sinclair)Moley Christmas PCSpace-Time Productions Ltd (Steve Watson)2005PC/Windowsavailable
Monty on the Run (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Monty on the RunScottigsoft and Smila2004PC/Windowsavailable
Monty on the Run (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Monty on the RunSpace-Time Productions Ltd (Steve Watson)2005PC/Windowsavailable
Monty on the Run (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Monty on the Run PCDan Richardson2001PC/Windowsavailable
Mortadelo y Filemon II (Dro Soft)Mortadelo y Filemon 2Mark R.2002PC/Windowsin progress
Motos (Mastertronic Added Dimension)FobosPavel Dovgaluk2003PC/Windowsshareware
Mr. Wimpy (Ocean Software Ltd)Mr. WimpyKrazy Pengwin Software2009PC/Windows, Linux, Mac OS Xavailable
Mr. Wimpy (Ocean Software Ltd)Mr. WimpyPJ Crozza2007PC/Windowsavailable
Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry (Artic Computing Ltd)Mr. Wong's Loopy LaundryKrazy Pengwin Software2009PC/Windows, Linux, Mac OS Xavailable
Navy Moves (Dinamic Software)Navy MovesFX Interactive2009FlashAlmost complete (episode game)
Nebulus (Hewson Consultants Ltd)TowerWildec2003Nokia S40/Java2MEavailable
Nebulus (Hewson Consultants Ltd)Tower Toppler (a.k.a. Nebulous)Andreas Röver (Win32 port by Murlock)2001PC/Windows, Linuxavailable
Nemesis (Konami Ltd)Nemesis 1 (The Remake)Xavi Canal?PC/Windowsin progress
Nether Earth (Argus Press Software Ltd)Nether EarthBrain Games2005PC/Windows, Mac OS Xin progress
Nifty Lifty (Visions Software Factory Ltd)Nifty LiftyGordon King2003PC/Windowsavailable
Nifty Lifty (Visions Software Factory Ltd)NiftyLiftyJ2MEShadowsshot2010J2MEavailable
Nodes of Yesod (Odin Computer Graphics Ltd)Nodes of YesodOdin Computer Graphics Ltd & Uztek Games2010iOScommercially released
N.O.M.A.D. (Ocean Software Ltd)N.O.M.A.D.TCKSOFT2004PC/Windowsavailable
Nowotnik Puzzle, The (Phipps Associates)Nowotnik PuzzleMike Archer2005PC/Windowsavailable
Oddi the Viking (Digital Brains)Office Blues - EDPOZ Apps (Jayant C. Varma)2011iOScommercially released
Orc Attack (Creative Sparks)Ork AttackIan West, Jon Eggelton1993Amigaavailable
Orion (Software Projects Ltd)ASS - Orion RemakeS. Borgquist (Sokurah)2007PC/Windowsavailable
Panama Joe (Parker Software/Sinclair Research Ltd)Montezuma's Revenge Remake (3D)Bad Mouse Digital Art2006PC/Windowsavailable
Panic (Mikro-Gen Ltd)Sheer PanicSandwell Software (Kieran Sandwell)2003PC/Windowsavailable
Percy the Potty Pigeon (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Potty PigeonRetro-Relevance/Cheeky Monkey Games2004PC/Windowsavailable
Phantomas (Dinamic Software)Phantomas PCTraperic2005PC/Windows, Linuxin progress
Phantomas 2 (Dinamic Software)Phantomas 3WOPR2K (Phobeous, Nathan)?PC/DOS, PC/Windowsin progress
Phantomas Saga: Infinity (Computer Emuzone)Phantomas Saga 0: UprisingComputer Emuzone2008PC/Windowsavailable
Phantomasa (Computer Emuzone)Phantomasa ReduxHorrorosoft (Caciquin, Phantumaka)2007PC/Windowsin progress (beta is available)
Pheenix (Megadodo Software)Pheenix: The Next GenerationJD Games2005PC/WindowsWIP - demo available
Pi There! (Automata UK Ltd)Pi There!Kryten2009PC/Windowsavailable
Planetoids (Sinclair Research Ltd)Asteroid CrestaBig Angry Dog2009PC/Windowsavailable
Project Future (Micromania)Project FutureTardis Remakes2008PC/Windowsavailable
Pulsoids (Mastertronic Ltd)PulsoidFifth Dimension Company?PC/Windowsavailable
Punchy (Mr. Micro Ltd)PunchyPJ's Stuff2008PC/Windowsavailable
Pyjamarama (Mikro-Gen Ltd)PyjamaramaR. Granado, Alex Belencoso, Davit Masiá (Matriax), Gilby, Félix Belencoso2004PC/Windows, BeOs, Mac OS Xavailable
Pyramania (16/48 Tape Magazine)Fred 2 - PyramaniaPeeJays Remakes2004PC/Windowsavailable
Pyramid, The (Fantasy Software [1])PCramid, TheGordon King2001PC/Windowsavailable
Pyramid, The (Fantasy Software [1])Pyramid, ThePug Fugly Games2006PC/Windowsavailable
Quadrax (Ultrasoft [2]/Sintech)QuadraxCauldron Ltd1996PC/Windowsavailable
Quazatron (Hewson Consultants Ltd)QuazatronBitshifter2003Flashavailable
Quazatron (Hewson Consultants Ltd)Quazatron PCRebelstar (Cozza)2001PC/DOSin progress
Rabbit (Widgit Software Ltd)RabbitWidgit Software Ltd2009Javaavailable
R.A.M. (Topo Soft)RAM RemakeDefun Projects, Borrocop, Los Insociables2005PC/Windowsin progress
Rambo (Ocean Software Ltd)RamboMick Farrow2009PC/Windowsavailable
Ranarama (Hewson Consultants Ltd)RanaRemakeCEZ RD2008PC/Windows, Linux, Mac OS Xavailable
Rebel (Virgin Games Ltd)RebelNiMuSi2007PC/Windowsavailable
Rebelstar (Firebird Software Ltd)AssaultRetrospec (Matt Smith)2001PC/Windowson hold
Rebelstar (Firebird Software Ltd)Project RebelstarRalph Wesseling2000PC/Windowsavailable
Rebelstar (Firebird Software Ltd)RebelStarWilliam Fraser2006Javaavailable
Rebelstar 2 (Silverbird Software Ltd)RebelStarWilliam Fraser2006Javaavailable
Repton (Alligata Software Ltd)Repton 1Superior Interactive2003PC/Windowscommercially released
Rescate Atlantida (Dinamic Software)Rescue from AtlantisNightwolf2007PC/Windowsavailable
Rex (Martech Games Ltd)Rex: New MissionAndrzej Czyz2003GBAavailable
Rex (Martech Games Ltd)Rex RemixDenis Fuenzalida2001PC/DOS, PC/Windowsavailable
Rick Dangerous (Firebird Software Ltd)Rick DangerousNéstor Sancho?PC/Windowsavailable
Rick Dangerous (Firebird Software Ltd)Rick Dangerous WiiGouky2010Wiiavailable
Rick Dangerous (Firebird Software Ltd)xrickbigorno.net2002Linux, PC/Windows, BeOs, Amiga, QNXavailable
Rick Dangerous 2 (Micro Style)Rick dangerous IIPJ Crozza2006PC/Windowsavailable
Robber (Virgin Games Ltd)RobberJames "Namco" Dunn2010PC/Windows, Linux, Mac OSXavailable
Rockman (Mastertronic Ltd)RockmanJacksus Games (Andrey Bochkov)2009Flex/Flash/AS3available
Saboteur! (Durell Software Ltd)Mini SaboteurFatSeagal2008Javaavailable
Saboteur! (Durell Software Ltd)SaboteurFatSeagal?Javaavailable
Saboteur! (Durell Software Ltd)Saboteur 95Alexandru Simion2005PC/Windowsavailable
Saboteur! (Durell Software Ltd)Saboteur ReturnsRetrospec (Tomaz Kac)2002PC/Windowsin progress
Sabre Wulf (Ultimate Play The Game)Sabre WulfRare Software2002GBAcommercially released
Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The (Palace Software)Sacred Armour of Antiriad, Theovine by design2003PC/Windowsavailable
Scrumper (Sinclair Programs)ScrumperRobin Clarke2009PC/Windowsavailable
Scumball (Bulldog Software [1])ScumballCabi-Soft (Paul Jenkinson)2002PC/Windowsin progress
Sentinel, The (Firebird Software Ltd)KotHJames Weatherley2010iOScommercially released
Sentinel, The (Firebird Software Ltd)SentryEmmanuel Icart1998PC/Windowsavailable
Sidewize (Firebird Software Ltd)SideWizeUneek Software Studios2002PC/DOSavailable
Sir Fred (Made in Spain)Sir Fred - El RemakeCEZ RD2005PC/Windowsavailable
Sir Lancelot (Melbourne House)Sir LancelotS. Borgquist2004PC/Windowsavailable
Skool Daze (Microsphere)Klass of 99Martin Eyre2002GBAin progress
Skool Daze (Microsphere)Klass of 99Retrospec (Richard Jordan)1999PC/Windowsavailable
Skool Daze (Microsphere)PyskoolRichard Dymond2008Pygameavailable
Snake Pit (Postern Ltd)Snake PitDarren Salt1997PC/Windowsavailable
Snare (Beyond Belief/Holburn Software)IceVentureGeorge Adam2008PC/Windowsavailable
Snowman, The (Quicksilva Ltd)Snowman, TheTardis Remakes2009PC/Windowsavailable
Soldier of Fortune (Firebird Software Ltd)Soldier of Fortunetrauma and CEZ Forum Team2008PC/Windowsin progress (Version 0.4 Beta, LEVEL 1)
Solomon's Key (US Gold Ltd)Solomon's KeyBitshifter2000Flashunfinished
Solomon's Key (US Gold Ltd)Solomon's Key RemakeZikitrake2004PC/Windowsavailable
SpecDrum (Cheetahsoft Ltd)Specdrum3Lee Broadhurst2008PC/Windowsavailable
Spectres (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)SpectresJD Games2004PC/Windowsavailable
Specventure (Mastertronic Ltd)SpecventureRELOADEDFulvio Dominici Ultramundum Foundation2011PC/Windowsunder development
Spiky Harold (Firebird Software Ltd)Spiky HaroldS. Borgquist2006PC/Windowsavailable
Spirits (Topo Soft)SpiritsM.A. Software2007PC/Windowsavailable
Splat! (Incentive Software Ltd)SplatSpooky2004PC/Windowsavailable
Splat! (Incentive Software Ltd)Splat PCRetrospec (John Dow, Andy Noble)2001PC/Windowsavailable
Split Personalities (Domark Ltd)Puzz'dIan Price2001PC/Windowsin progress (link dead?)
Split Personalities (Domark Ltd)Split DecisionDion Guy2012iOSavailable
Spore (Bulldog Software [1])SporeTDB Soft (Thomas Bolhuis, Jim Baguley, TAKAH, Danceaway, David Whittaker)2004PC/Windowsavailable
Spy vs Spy (Beyond Software)Spy vs Spy Datafight2Smila?PC/Windowsavailable (link dead?)
SquareMania (Perspective Group)SquareManiaAprisobal2007PC/Windowsavailable
Starbike (The Edge)Starbike RemakeDr. Bacon2009PC/Windowsavailable
Starion (Melbourne House)Starion 2010Tero Heikkinen2004PC/Windowsplayable, development continues
Starquake (Bubble Bus Software)StarquakeDamien Green2002PC/Windowsin progress
Starquake (Bubble Bus Software)StarquakePhil Emerson2002PC/Windowsin progress
Starquake (Bubble Bus Software)StarQuake RemakeE. van Oosten2007PC/Windowsavailable
Starquake (Bubble Bus Software)StarquakeDSJohn Ward2008Nintendo DSavailable
Starstrike, 3D (Realtime Games Software Ltd)3D StarstrikeUrban Interactive Software2008PC/Windowsavailable
Stop the Express (Sinclair Research Ltd)Stop the ExpressJD Games2004PC/Windowsavailable
Styx (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)StyxRetrospec (Neil Walker)2000PC/DOSavailable
Styx (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Styx PCKevin Ellis??available
Subterranean Stryker (Insight Software)Subterranean StrykerCabi-Soft (Paul Jenkinson)2001PC/Windowsavailable
Sweevo's World (Gargoyle Games)Sweevo's WorldRetrospec (Ignacio Pérez Gil)2002PC/Windowsnot started yet
Tank (Ocean Software Ltd)TankCarl Peters, Pete Jones2006PC/Windowsavailable
Tantalus (Quicksilva Ltd)TantalusPaul Hitchcock2004PC/Windowsavailable (link dead?)
Target: Renegade (Imagine Software Ltd)Target; 2006Nathan Cross2007PC/Windowsavailable
Target: Renegade (Imagine Software Ltd)Target Renegade RemakePete Naylor, Dean Swain2004PC/Windowsin progress
Technician Ted (Hewson Consultants Ltd)Return of Technician TedMusti, Gigatron2002PC/Windowsavailable
Tempest (EMM Software)G-ForceMersey Remakes2006PC/Windowsin progress
Tetris (Mirrorsoft Ltd)Erotic TetrisZX Games2006PC/Windowsavailable (German)
Tetris (Mirrorsoft Ltd)Erotic TetrisZX Games2006PC/Windowsavailable (English)
Tetris (Mirrorsoft Ltd)Erotic TetrisZX Games2006PC/Windowsavailable (Russian)
Think! (Ariolasoft UK Ltd)KamenyPavel Chalupa2003Javascriptavailable, Czech version only
Think! (Ariolasoft UK Ltd)ReThinkUnforgiven.pl2010Java, J2MEavailable
Think! (Ariolasoft UK Ltd)Think AgainMiki Olsz/Action! Productions2003PC/Windowsin progress
Three Weeks in Paradise (Mikro-Gen Ltd)Three Weeks in ParadiseTeam SpecNG2011PC/Windowsavailable (v3.0)
Thrust (Firebird Software Ltd)ThrustPJ's stuff2008PC/Windowsavailable
Thunderbirds (Firebird Software Ltd)Thunderbirds - The HypertrapR.I.C. Games (Raidas Mazeika)2005PC/Windowsavailable
Timebomb (CDS Microsystems)TimebombPeeJays Remakes2004PC/Windowsavailable
Timebomb (CDS Microsystems)Timebomb - The RemakeCoagulus Software2001PC/Windowsavailable
Trailblazer (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Blazing TrailsAllan Bentham2002PC/Windowsavailable
Transversion (Ocean Software Ltd)JTransversionMarzio De Biasi2004Javaavailable
Transversion (Ocean Software Ltd)TransversionGlass Fractal Software2010PC/Windowsavailable
Transversion (Ocean Software Ltd)TransVersion EXTCKSOFT2004PC/Windowsavailable
Transversion (Ocean Software Ltd)Transversion PCDerek Jolly2001PC/Windowsavailable
Trap Door, The (Piranha)Trap Door - Berk's Final DaysSpace-Time Productions Ltd (Steve Watson)2001PC/DOSavailable
Trashman (New Generation Software)Trashman 20th AnniversaryTCKSOFT2004PC/Windowsavailable
Trashman (New Generation Software)Trashman Millennium EditionRetrospec (Arif Majothi)2002PC/Windowsin progress
Tres Luces de Glaurung, Las (Erbe Software S.A.)Tres Luces de Glaurung, LasM.A. Software2006PC/Windows, Linuxavailable
Turbo Girl (Dinamic Software)Turbo Girl ProjectCEZ RD2011PC/Windowsavailable
Turmoil (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)TurmoilPJ's stuff2008PC/Windowsavailable
Turmoil (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Turmoil PCCheeky Monkey Games/Space-Time Productions Ltd (Steve Watson, Ric Lumb)2002PC/Windowsavailable
Twin Kingdom Valley (Bug-Byte Software Ltd)Twin Kingdom ValleySilicon Magic2006various mobile phonesavailable
Twinz! (Sinclair User)Twiinz Remake 2k9Shadowsshot2009PC/Windowsavailable
Twinz! (Sinclair User)Twinz!FishGuyGames2012Androidavailable
Twinz! (Sinclair User)TwinzMushroom PD Ltd1996Amigaavailable (shareware)
Twinz! (Sinclair User)Twinz ProMushroom PD Ltd1997Amigaavailable
Universal Hero (Mastertronic Ltd)Universal HeroKryten2004PC/Windowsavailable
Valkyrie 17 (The RamJam Corporation)Valkyrie 17 - the remakeTony Barber2006PC/Windowsavailable
Vatman (Your Sinclair)VatmanRay James2003PC/Windowsavailable
Vega Solaris (Quasar/Eclipse [1])Vega SolarisFernando Saenz Perez, Sergio Diaz Jubera, Javier Gallego Ahijon, Jose Maria Sobrinos Garcia2007Mobile phones (Java)available
Voyager (Cascade Games Ltd)Voyager PCPeeJay2002PC/Windowsavailable
Wanted: Monty Mole (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Monty's ReturnGordon King2001PC/Windowsavailable
Wanted: Monty Mole (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Wanted: Monty MoleSpace-Time Productions Ltd (Steve Watson)2005PC/Windowsavailable
Wanted: Monty Mole (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd)Wanted! Monty Mole: The RemakeLunySoft2002PC/Windowsin progress
War of the Shires, The (ZX Computing)War of the Shires, TheWibblyTim2010PC/Windows, Linuxavailable
Way of the Exploding Fist, The (Melbourne House)Fist PCsés2002PC/Windowsalpha - available
West Bank (Dinamic Software)West Bank XxIAnils Software2002PC/Windowsavailable
West Bank (Dinamic Software)Westbang300AD2000PC/Windows, Linuxavailable
Wheelie (Microsphere)WheelieSoftSpot1992Amigaavailable
Wheelie (Microsphere)Wheelie RRGreen Eyed Monster2003PC/Windowsavailable
Whole New Ball Game, A (Crash)NewBallGameSCShadowsshot2010J2MEavailable
Whole New Ball Game, A (Crash)Whole New Ball GameEquinox Tetrachloride2001PC/Windowsavailable
Whole New Ball Game, A (Crash)Whole New Ball Game, ADan Derham1999PC/DOSavailable
Wild Bunch, The (Firebird Software Ltd)Wild Bunch, TheFatSeagal?Javaavailable
Wizball (Ocean Software Ltd)WizballRetrospec (Graham Goring)2007PC/Windowsavailable
Wriggler (Romantic Robot UK Ltd)WrigglerFatSeagal2009Javaavailable
Xeno (A'n'F Software)Xeno 2002Bankie2002PC/Windowsavailable
Xeno (A'n'F Software)XenoMSergey Ulanov2003PC/Windows, Unixalpha - available
Xeno (A'n'F Software)XeWeXMarco Bancale2003PC/Windows, Unixbeta available
XOR (Logotron Ltd)XORovine by design (Andy Hewitt, Stuart Collier)2004PC/Windowsavailable
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Imagine Software Ltd)Yie Ar Kung-FuFriends Software?PC/Windowsavailable
Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 (Imagine Software Ltd)Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2Friends Software?PC/Windowsavailable
Zaxxon (US Gold Ltd)ZaxxonGarry Pankhurst2004PC/Windows, Linuxavailable
Zub (Mastertronic Added Dimension)ZubRetrospec (Richard Jordan)2007PC/Windowsavailable

(470 remakes listed) 

More pointers

  • RetroSpec is the conversion team for our beloved machine.
    They are a team of programmers and artists, dedicated to making conversions of Spectrum titles for today's hardware.
  • Team SpecNG is a new remake team.
  • Retro-Remakes is a large site keeping track of lots of remakes (not just Spectrum remakes).


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